Media and Content

Strategic Planning, Transforming Business Models, Win in Emerging Markets, Advertising, Digital Content, Social Media, Influencers

Established data and content structures can limit the ability of companies to become customer-first. Clients should evaluate the media used to engage with customers. This media should enhance the business’ brand values and cater to customer’s emotive need.

Our Work

Strategy & Consulting

Develop a long term business strategy to operate a successful Advertising Agency.  Before developing this strategy the company was not operating at its peak pontential and ultimately slowed in growth. The business strategy was executed over the last 8 years.

Created business plan and process re-engineering project implementation executed over 3 years resulted in business transformation from a single blue chip client to the market’s leading Advertising agency with over 5 blue chip clients, its own local television program and recently executed an Initial Public Offer in 2019, on Jamaica’s Junior stock exchange.